Hotel El Mercado, a unique and unforgettable experience


After a day of activity, we arrive at the Hotel El Mercado for the night. In spite of the natural fatigue of our first day in Cusco, we could not miss the details of the hotel's decoration: flowers in the lobby, hats on one wall, the courtyard and its warmth making a perfect contrast with the chill of the afternoon.
As its name indicates, the Hotel El Mercado draws its inspiration from a village market where culture and tradition mingle.

On the way to our room we can see that we are in a privileged location in the city and enjoy a marvellous view.
The spacious rooms have all the conveniences of a world-class hotel and are decorated in perfect harmony with the rest of the hotel and, above all, with its surroundings.

Breakfast was a unique experience, large tables that invite you to share the first meal of the day, the “emolientera” (no Peruvian market is without one) selling her hot "emoliente" - a drink made from herbs, flowers and other things, which cures a number of ills.

The breakfast buffet is a very varied and is different every day, making maximum use of local ingredients.

Since I last visited, El Mercado has become a hotel that I would recommend unhesitatingly, confident that my visitors will have a unique and unforgettable experience there.

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