Viñas Queirolo Hotel: A unique experience


Just when I thought that finding absolute silence was almost impossible in our time, I discovered a place very close to Lima where you can still enjoy peace and complete isolation, in perfect and harmonious contact with nature.

Hotel Viñas Queirolo is located among the vines, tucked away as a secret place. Recently inaugurated, this colonial-style property is the perfect addition to your dream visit to Peru. Its impeccable facilities, green areas, and spacious, well-lit bedrooms go hand-in-hand with its boutique hotel service.

The oenological surroundings are the perfect introduction to the beginnings of the country's best pisco and wine. We toured the vineyard with a sommelier, as we enjoyed one of the best sunsets ever with a glass of sparkling wine in hand. The experience was capped off with a wine tasting, in a space especially designed for this kind of activity.

The hotel has 20 fully-equipped rooms (32 as of January 2013), and the suites also have a private terrace and minibar. The restaurant offers gourmet dishes a la carte, each one served with a perfect wine pairing, as well as an amazing view of the vineyards, complementing an excellent meal.

We then left the hotel, the vineyards, the wine and the great food, with a promise to return to that awe-inspiring sunset which connects and inspires each and every one of your senses.

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