Back in Time

Life experience

The Apu Ausangate stands majestically before our eyes. We are 4,200 meters above sea level in the community of Cuyuni.

Although this is the highest point of our expedition it is certainly not the most exciting.

During this visit will experience the day-to-day lives of Cuyuni’s inhabitants as they go about their chores and work. We will have a front row view of one of the few traditional Andean communities left in Peru.

Just walking around Ausangate will constitute an incomparable adventure.

The area’s sunsets and persistent snowfall will be nothing less than breathtaking. We will accompany Cuyuni’s inhabitants in their main agricultural activity: potato harvesting.

There is no better feeling than digging your hands into the earth to search for native potato varieties as guinea pigs and llamas go about their business.

Time stands still in Cuyuni, providing an unparalleled opportunity to feel at peace with nature.



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