In Hiram Bingham’s footsteps

Machu Picchu: Wonder of the world

As 2011 is the 100th anniversary of the scientific discovery of Machu Picchu, this hand-crafted program will take us through each step of the discovery process of one of the world’s most (if not the most) enigmatic archaeological treasures, led by renowned expeditionary Peter Frost.

In Lima, setting the mood for what´s about to come, we will visit the Larco Herrera Museum and one of the city’s most complete private collections to see the best in Pre-Columbian and colonial art.

In Cusco, we will start will the Sacred Valley to follow Hiram Bingham’s steps in the early days of his expedition.

Next, we will arrive at Machu Picchu to engage in a personalized and meticulous study of its discovery and the theories that surround it.

Finally, in the city of Cusco, we will learn about Martin Chambi and the photographic legacy he left of Machu Picchu in the 1920s and 30s.


We reached the city of...

After a day of activity, we arrive at the...

Karla Vasquez

For some reason, I had never had a chance to go to the Hacienda Huayoccari in...