Llamichus and Pacocheros

Secret landscapes

The Apu Ausangate Lodge to Lodge route is not a trek – it is a lifechanging experience.

Those who venture will not only be physically challenged, but will find themselves immersed in a surreal world – our hosts for 5 days will be “llamichus” and “pacocheros” of the Chillca and Osefina communities, inheritors of one of the few remaining shepherding societies in the world.

Hiking from one tambo (Quechua for lodge) to the next, the route takes us around Apu Ausangate, the most sacred mountain in the Cuzco region.

One of the most important deities in Andean cosmovision are the mountains, which are living entities that have a spirit (apu), and can both punish or protect their people.

Upon entering the world of the “llamichus” and “pacocheros”, we will delve deep into a culture that has remained virtually unchanged for centuries.

Surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery all throughout their stay, travelers will soak in the way of life, habits and beliefs of the inhabitants of the high Andean plateaus, a part of Peru in which “time stood still”.


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