The chef’s kitchen

Smells and colors of Peruvian cuisine

Just imagine what it will be like to, basket in hand, visit a typical market in Lima.

The smells and colors are intense and inviting. Our host will be Penelope Alzamora, a Peruvian chef who studied and worked in Boston and San Francisco before settling back in Lima.

First, we will select ingredients from a sea of possibilities: enormous corn ears, splendid peppers, thick-bodied and multicolored potatoes.

With our dish in mind, Penelope will teach us to choose the best ingredients.

After a couple of hours, it will be time to get to work. Our chef will take us home for a Peruvian cooking lesson like no other.

We will cut vegetables, fry onions, blend peppers, season, and mix and serve the dishes we have chosen from a list of typical Peruvian fare. The result is sure to be gratifying. This cooking experience will provide a delightfully simple and hands-on, yet profound, opportunity to learn about Peruvian culture and history.

Penelope Alzamora was born in Lima. Thanks to her amazing foodie parents, a master-baker grandmother and a nanny who introduced her to traditional Peruvian gastronomy, Penelope became passionate about cooking. After high school, Penelope studied hotel management in Newbury College (Boston) and Culinary Arts in Johnson & Wells (Providence). Upon graduation, she started a successful catering business in Lima, and in 1995 opened with her dad and other partners the well-known “Bohemia Café y Mas” restaurant. In 2002 Penelope married and moved to the San Francisco bay area, were she taught at the Tante Marie Cooking School (ranked this year one of the Top Ten Schools in the country by leading newspapers and magazines). Penelope has now settled in Lima, her time being devoted to both her family and cooking classes.


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