Among the Lake, the mountains and the sky

Titilaka effortlessly combines natural and contemporary elements in its architecture.
This meeting of two worlds provides guests a host of benefits and opportunities. All of Titlaka’s rooms offer an incredible view of the lake and purvey all of the comforts expected from a first-rate boutique hotel.

The hotel’s design reflects the Andean legacy of Lake Titicaca and is located in one of the most peaceful places on earth: the peninsula of Titilaka. Peace of mind and tranquility are guaranteed.

Suites King:
Relax at this homely accommodation with a wonderful lake view, one of our king suites is equipped with facilities for people with disabilities.

Dawn Suites:
Rest and relax at the Dawn suites with a magnificent view of the immense lake, submerging you into its mystique and comforting you with its breathtaking beauty.

Dusk Suites:
Luxuriate and lap up at the contemporary Dusk suites with an exceptional view of the vast Lake Titicaca, submerging you in its mystique and making you feel profoundly relaxed with its breathtaking highland landscape.

Corner Suites :
As the most popular and requested suite category, our Premium Corner suite, with preferred view: Dawn and Dusk sides from the same suite, offers an spectacular panoramic views of the lake.


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