Viñas Queirolo Hotel

A one-of-a-kind experience

 Viñas Queirolo Hotel is the first and only hotel in Peru located in the middle of an exceptional vineyard.

The hotel is surrounded by over 4 square kilometers (1.5 square miles) of vineyards located in the sunny Ica Valley, at the lower reaches of the Andes, home to the vines used to make the Intipalka wines of the Santiago Queirolo Warehouse.
This Republican-style hotel is fully equipped for guests to learn about wines, escape from the city to commune with nature, enjoy a pisco cocktail by the pool or enjoy exquisite cuisine at the hotel's restaurant.

A bit of history:

1877 - The Queirolo family arrives in Peru from Genoa, Italy, and settles in the historic Pueblo Libre District of Lima.

1880 - The Queirolo Warehouse is founded. Santiago Queirolo is in charge of manufacturing wine and pisco.

1906 - Santiago Queirolo launches his first bottled wines "Borgoña" and "Vino de la Magdalena".

1962 - Due to Lima's urban growth, the family moves the vineyards to the Cañete Valley in southern Peru.

2000 - The third generation of the family begins the renovation of the warehouse, with the assistance of well-known oenologists such as Jacques Blouin and Edmundo Bordeu.

2002 - Acquisition of vineyards in the Ica Valley, planted with the assistance of the Mercier Group, a well-known nursery.

2004 - Modernization of the production plant begins.

2007 - First harvest of the Ica Valley vineyards.


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