La Casona

Boutique hotel

The first boutique hotel in Cuzco, La Casona is an 11 room colonial house and Enrique´s favorite.

Sober and elegant, it boasts a truly unique colonial Peru character. All the rooms are situated around a magnificent patio, equipped with colonial furnishings and decorated in the home’s original style.

The hotel’s services are designed to heighten our experience by anticipating the guest´s every need.

The chef-in-residence will prepare select meals to satisfy the most demanding palates. La Casona promises an unparalleled experience in hotel excellence.

Patio Suite:
Feel the patina of time and tradition, as colonial furnishings and original designs blend with lavish contemporary comforts in the Patio Suites overlooking the central courtyard of La Casona.

Plaza Suite:
Experience Cusco’s unique mestizo grandeur, the inspiration for the remodeling, which maintains the blended essence of Spanish design and local traditions in the Plaza Suites.

Balcony Suite:
Experience the tranquility and repose La Casona once offered to illustrious travelers who visited it in earlier times with blended colonial baroque and renaissance balconies overlooking the courtyard.


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