Las Casitas del Valle Sagrado

The secrets of the Sacred Valley

With all of the comforts of home, Sol & Luna´s brand-new Deluxe Casitas are a marvelous way of enjoying the Sacred Valley at your own pace.

The Casitas are a series of small cabins that are designed to mirror life in the Valley. Each is equipped with a chimney and Peruvian art.

The surrounding gardens are lush with flowers and vegetation and are home to more than 35 different species of birds.

Sol & Luna has a first-rate spa and its kitchen prides itself on serving the best organic products that the Valley has to offer.

Premium Bungalows:
In these large spaces bathed in light, luxury is exquisite rather than ostentatious and in each detail breathes the Sacred Valley, its villages, people and nature. The clay murals of the artist Federico Bauer - inspired by the surroundings - recreate an atmosphere of magic and contemplation. The wide entrance hall, living room and independent bedroom, all decorated with folk art, and the terrace with its Jacuzzi, complete the poetry of our Premium bungalows. 

Deluxe Bungalows:
The impeccable trajectory Sol & Luna has followed until now has also been an opportunity for the distilling of its quality, the blending of mysticism, warm service and empathy towards our guests with the purpose of offering the spirit of Peru within its luxurious bungalows. These picturesque constructions, with their avant-garde architecture and primitive touches and their wide spaces laden with colourful Peruvian folk art, allow for exclusive enjoyment indoors while outside sits the inexhaustible beauty of the Andean scenery. 


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