Through the eyes of its women

The female perspective

Specifically designed for female travelers eager to understand what life is like for women of other societies, this adventure will allow us to see life through the eyes of the women who shape the country’s history day-to-day.

Our guides will be the curator of Larco Museum, who will give us a lesson on Pre-Columbian art, or Penelope Alzamora, who, spoon in hand, will take us on a tour through the best of Peruvian gastronomy.

Later, Nilda Callañaupa will tell us her impressive story of courage and personal growth.

Before embarking in a safari “hunting” for specific pieces of art through which we will learn about Peru´s colonial history, the group will have a first-hand view of women’s societal roles in an indigenous community at the foot of Ausangate

About Nilda Callañaupa:
When she was a child she became interested in the complex and traditional Chinchero designs that only the elders in her community could produce. She learned these techniques and her skill became known throughout the region.
After her university studies, Nilda worked to set up the first groups of weavers in the region and chenged the course of history.
Without her dedication and vision, this ancient tradition would have been lost.
Nowdays Nilda runs the Centro de Textiles tradicionales de Cusco and travels around the world proudly showing the art that comes from the chincherinas women.


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