A journey of photographic discovery

From a different perspective

PERU: a photographic discovery is a program specially designed for travelers interested in seeing.

Peru from a photographic perspective: how to work with the locals, how to feel a part of a place that is at first-glance foreign, and how to consider light and composition while creating your images.

This is an immersion course on adventure travel as well as a truly authentic glimpse into a Peru few tourists see.

We’ll tour Peru’s most fascinating cultural sites like Machu Picchu as well as take an insider’s look at some remote weaving villages, and of course Cusco, itself inspiration for legendary photographers like Irving Penn and Martin Chambi.


We reached the city of...

After a day of activity, we arrive at the...

Karla Vasquez

For some reason, I had never had a chance to go to the Hacienda Huayoccari in...