A Curator’s Perspective

Passion for culture

Larco Museum, one of the most inviting sites in Lima, offers a host of unforgettable experiences.

The curator will guide us on a leisurely visit through the museum’s many rooms, each of which houses impressive and unique ceramics or silver and gold jewels.

Larco Museum possesses more than 45,000 Pre-Columbian pieces and provides an incomparable opportunity to discover the mysteries of the Pre-Inca world.

The curator will provide in-depth explanations and serve as a unique conduit to the past. All areas are illuminated to showcase the beauty the museum’s pieces.

This visit will give us an opportunity to see the museum through the eyes of its curator. Her admiration of the beauty and durability of the metal collection; the clarity of its textiles; as well as the religion, culture, techniques and riches that span more than 3,000 years of Pre-Columbian history is sure to be contagious.


One of our favorite curators:

ULLA HOLMQUIST, Chief Curator of the Larco Museum, is an Archaeologist from the Catholic University of Peru, and Master of Arts in Museum Studies from New York University. She has participated in renowned archaeological discoveries in the Northern Coast of Peru, as the Moche Priestess of San José de Moro. She is a specialist in the design of didactic exhibits and interpretative programs of pre-Columbian art and archaeology and conducts the museum’s research projects and related educational programs. An enthusiastic and highly experienced communicator, she is also a university professor in the Archaeology program of the Catholic University in Lima, and of the Cultural Resource Management program at the Universidad San Martín de Porras. Previously, she has been Vice-director of the National Museum, and Curator of Collections at the Art Museum of Lima.


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