Land of Alpacas

The Magic of the highlands

The largest private Alpaca farm in Peru can be found in one of the world’s most rugged and splendid terrains: the high plains of Puno.

The farm covers almost 3,000 hectares and is home to more than 2,000 alpacas. These extraordinary camelids were domesticated by the ancient inhabitants of the Andes to provide rich and abundant wool.

During our stay, we will learn about how these animals are raised and watch them as they wander about.

The hacienda, which was recently built, provides all the necessary comforts. Its spacious rooms are filled with natural light and each is equipped with a small terrace so that visitors can enjoy the incomparable view.

All rooms have heating units and are decorated to mirror a traditional “hacienda” from colonial times. To take full advantage of the environment, we will tour on horseback and enjoy a spectacular view of nearby Puno.

We will have the opportunity to visit a picturesque church in a nearby community and get to know more about the local culture.


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