Preserving the travel experience for future generations

Turismo Cuida is a Peruvian non-profit organization comprised of eight private companies from Peru's travel industry. The purpose of this organization is to develop social responsibility projects aimed not just at promoting, but also caring for destinations, thus converting tourism into a sustainable and responsible economic activity.
With the support of Tourism Cares (USA), Turismo Cuida called a request for proposals in the area of cultural preservation projects, and 29 ready-for-implementation projects were submitted. All of these involved restoration work, promotion and development of travel destinations, implementation of interpretation centers or exhibition halls, and programs for ecotourism and experience tourism in Lima and throughout Peru.
Eight projects were chosen, and these will have the support and supervision of each one of the members of Turismo Cuida.
COLTUR PERU is in charge of auditing the project for the implementation and improvement of collection storage areas and exhibition halls of the Museum of Cao, which is part of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex. The Wiese Foundation has been in charge of the recovery and revitalization of this site since 1990.
In the next few months, we will participate, alongside the experts, in the process of improving the collection storage areas and exhibition halls of the Museum of Cao, in support of the development of the region in the area of tourism, and caring for the heritage of our ancestors, so that future generations may learn about our culture and its origins.
This museum’s approach is dynamic, in that it places the artifacts under exhibition into context. In this way, visitors become participants in the world of the inhabitants of the Chicama Valley. Visits to this museum ends with the sight of the Lady of Cao, the most enigmatic finding of all time.