• Led by expert hosts and guides, this fabulous nine-day voyage provides a unique and in-depth look at thousands of years of Peruvian civilization. Discover the legacy left by our Andean ancestors, shaped by invasions, conquests and migrations all the way up to the early 20th century.

  • An extraordinary journey of discovery following the footsteps of the Incas.

  • Set in a tranquil plaza behind Cuzco's main square, this former palace and convent is emerging from years of restoration to become one of the city's most exclusive hotels.
    Step past walls of Inca stones and into a cloistered courtyard with an ancient fountain at its heart. 

  • Discover Peru in a program specially designed for gourmet enthusiasts with an appetite for history and adventure.

  • Titilaka effortlessly combines natural and contemporary elements in its architecture.
    This meeting of two worlds provides guests a host of benefits and opportunities.


  • Viñas Queirolo Hotel  is the first and only hotel in Peru located in the middle of an exceptional vineyard.

  • The Apu Ausangate Lodge to Lodge route is not a trek – it is a lifechanging experience. Those who venture will not only be physically challenged, but will find themselves immersed in a surreal world – our hosts for 5 days will be “llamichus” and “pacocheros” of the Chillca and Osefina communities, inheritors of one of the few remaining shepherding societies in the world.

  • Just imagine what it will be like to, basket in hand, visit a typical market in Lima.
    The smells and colors are intense and inviting. Our host will be Penelope Alzamora, a Peruvian chef who studied and worked in Boston and San Francisco before settling back in Lima.